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A List of Super Foods For Inflammation

Too much inflammation is not good for the body. It is commonly associated with many chronic diseases. Choosing the right foods to eat can help reduce inflammation in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids are important in our diet as our body cannot manufacture them on its own. Having a good balance of omega 3’s can help minimize inflammation in the body. Oily fish found in cold water is a good source of omega 3’s. Salmon is known to have the highest content when compared to other fish. If you don’t like to eat fish, you can get fish oil in the form of a supplement.

The One Question You Should Ask Every Waiter

Do you know what oils restaurants are using? Most use corn, cottonseed, canola or soybean oil. These oils are toxic. Learn why and what you can do.

Bella Vi Instant Facelift Serum

Aging is a natural phenomenon that has to happen in every human being. Most of us fear this phase of our lives because we want to always look young. There are no such inventions that could evade the appearance of wrinkles, fines lines and other age related symptoms. However, there have been miraculous inventions recently to keep the aging signs off your face for a long time.

Bella Vi Afire

Bella Vi Afire a premium weight loss supplement that helps to lose weight naturally without any side effects. This supplement is made keeping in view the common issues faced with the potential users.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Because of the high mineral and vitamin content in them, apples help in the formation of new Red Blood Cells or simply that of Blood. High Iron, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C content of apples has led Count Dracula over the years to stress the importance of apples in our diet.

A Papaya a Day Helps Keep Cancers and Arthritis Away

Christopher Columbus called papayas the fruit of angels and no wonder considering the delicious taste and great health benefits they provide. This sweet firm fruit is a great addition to any meal. You can use the green fruit shredded to make salads, diced to use in soups or salsas.

10 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth This Holiday Season

I want you to enjoy your Holiday Season, and all the sweet-treats that go along with it, so I have come up with a list of 10 alternatives that will leave you satisfied, minus the remorse. These are simple substitutions you can make when choosing what to eat, and/or how to make it.

Prebiotics – IBS? Give Yourself an Exclusive Treatment!

What is IBS? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease to which the root cause is not known yet, however use of prebioitics in IBS have proved to change lives for many. Statistics shows that on an average of every 6th person in USA have the symptoms of IBS.

Meal Replacement Shakes and Their Advantages

Meal replacement shakes can be used as a convenient and sometimes vital part in any nutrition plan. Meal replacement is particularly important for calorie regulation, as they make things simple.

Interval Training Nutrition – What Your Diet Should Be When You Are Doing Interval Training Workouts

Interval training nutrition is an extension of your interval training workouts. When working out, whether you want to lose weight or not, being careful at what you eat is essential. A healthy diet will give you energy to perform intense exercises and will allow muscles to develop nicely.

The Shocking Truth About Good Digestive Health

The shocking truth is that approximately eighty percent of our immune system function comes from our gut. Based on this fact it makes sense to focus on improving the conditions inside our gut. Read the complete article.

Comparing Farm Raised to Wild Salmon – A Few Things to Consider

The question “is salmon healthy” almost appears as a loaded question, as the health benefits have been reiterated many times over, and everyone who has written about a proper diet has placed salmon at the top of their list. However, if it is farm raised salmon, some discussion is in order. Farmed salmon as opposed to that harvested in the wild, and therefore having been fed in their natural habitat, should be consumed not more than once per week.

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